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The Bus Driver

I once heard a story about a bus driver in New York City. His route takes him all over Manhattan, and at his last stop everybody gets off before he drives the bus over the bridge to Long Island where the bus is parked overnight.

As he arrives at his last stop, he tells the people on the bus that he knows that life is difficult and many of them are taking home a day of difficulties, burdens, anxieties, and conflicts. So, holding out his hand, he suggests that as they step off the bus, they drop all the problems of their day into the palm of his hand, leaving all their problems with him so they don’t take them home to the people they love the most.

He tells them that he’ll take their burdens and drive them across the bridge so that they don’t have to carry them around anymore.

My question to you… do you think the bus driver felt his job was to just drive people around town, or something bigger?

My question to you (x 2), do you think your job is to just (fill in the blank)… or something bigger?

Make today your BEST day!


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