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My journey has been a blend of diverse experiences—I've been a professional musician, playing in bands from a young age and still dabbling a bit because it provides rhythm in my life. In Los Angeles, I delved into the world of film production, gradually working my way up to becoming a Freelance Producer.

I worked as a freelance writer, where my words found themselves in numerous publications covering a variety of topics. On the golf course, I didn't just play the game; I earned my stripes as a PGA golf professional, a role I still embrace. As a successful business owner, I've navigated the entrepreneurial landscape with passion, purpose, and a track record of success.

These diverse experiences have not only shaped my perspective but also formed the foundation for my approach to events, seminars, and workshops. My presentations are crafted to be more than just informative—they're entertaining, motivating, and engaging. Picture an experience where knowledge meets entertainment, and every audience member is not just a spectator but an active participant in their own learning journey.

Whether I'm taking the stage as a Keynote speaker at large venues, addressing conventions, leading more intimate business seminars and workshops, or conducting engaging virtual events, my aim is to leave your audiences with more than just information. I strive to spark new ideas, provide practical insights, and empower attendees with a fresh perspective on both business and personal development.


Let's connect and explore how my unique blend of experiences and knowledge can elevate your next event, whether in person or in the virtual space, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved. Contact me.

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Hi... I'm Ted!
In their words, not mine...
"Thanks Ted! Great seminar. Appareciate you taking the time to share your insights.I was made better today."

Randy J. - Houston, TX

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