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How to Create Lasting Connections with Your Customers

Scott Young quote: "People don't by plastic and paper, they buy emotions."
The importance of making emotional connections with. your customers.

I absolutely love this quote by Scott Young! Those who know me and have heard me speak know how strongly I believe in the importance of emotional connections in business. In my own life, the choices I make—from the computer brand I use to the car I drive and the coffee that fuels my day—are influenced by more than just product features; they're equally guided by my emotional connection to them.

Young's quote is a powerful reminder that in the world of business, it's not just about the tangible products or services we offer; it's about the emotions and experiences we create. People don't just buy plastic and paper; they invest in the feelings, memories, and connections associated with what we provide. It brings to mind one of my favorite quotes by Theodore Levitt: "People don't want a 1/4" drill, they want a 1/4" hole."

Building a genuine emotional connection with your audience is key to long-term success in today's competitive market. Whether it's creating peace of mind from a reliable service, a sense of belonging through community-focused products, or the joy derived from experiences tailored to meet personal needs, these emotional connections play a vital role in setting businesses apart.

It's easy to get lost in the technical details of our products and services. We often find ourselves emphasizing features, specifications, and functionalities, thinking these are the factors that drive purchasing decisions. However, Young's words remind us that we're selling more than just physical goods and services. Our products and services are also appealing to our customer's emotions.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with endless options, standing out requires more than a catchy slogan or a flashy advertisement. It demands a connection that resonates on a personal and emotional level. When customers choose your product or service, they are investing in more than just a transaction—they are investing in moments that become part of their personal narrative. These moments, have the power to create lasting impressions and build loyalty.

So, remember Scott Young's words. "People don't buy plastic and paper; they buy emotions." You're not just selling a product or service—you have the potential of creating an emotional journey that resonates with your customers' emotions.


1. Conduct Emotional Audits with your Team:

  • With your team, conduct regular emotional audits of your company’s products/services. Identify the emotions associated with each touchpoint in the customer journey. This could include the purchasing process, customer support interactions, engagement with your website, and product usage. Understanding the emotional impact of each customer interaction will help you tailor your offerings to better resonate with them.

2. Storytelling Workshops:

  • Host workshops for your team focused on storytelling techniques. Train them to weave narratives around your products/services that evoke emotions. Share customer success stories, emphasizing not just the practical benefits but the emotional impact. This could be a heartfelt testimonial or a story of overcoming challenges with the help of your company’s offerings. Share these stories across your marketing channels.

3. Customer Empathy Training:

  • Invest in training programs that enhance your team's empathy towards customers (This is an area I excel in. Let’s connect to discuss how I can help you and your team!). Equip them with the skills to understand and relate to customer emotions. This can be particularly impactful for customer-facing roles. When your team members genuinely connect with your customers, it creates more authentic and meaningful relationships.

4. Create Interactive Experiences:

  • Design interactive experiences that go beyond the transaction. This could involve hosting exclusive events, webinars, or online communities where customers can share their experiences and connect with each other. The goal is to foster a sense of belonging and community around your brand. These shared experiences not only deepen the emotional connection but also create a loyal customer base.

5. Personalized Surprises and Rewards:

  • Implement a personalized surprise and reward system based on customer preferences and behaviors. For example, sending a personalized thank-you note, exclusive discounts on special occasions, or customizing product recommendations based on past purchases. These gestures show that you value your customers as individuals, not just as transactions, and can significantly enhance the emotional bond they have with your brand.

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