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Don't Wait for Success... Create It!

In the realm of personal development, I believe (and have given workshops on this belief) that success doesn't choose you; you choose success. I'm reminded of a transformative moment in my life, on stage with my band, where I heard a person in the audience remark, "These guys got it easy. They probably get paid the same amount of money playing music for two hours that I get for an entire week."

Little did he know the details of my personal journey that led me to performing on that stage for two hours. Playing guitar was more than chords; it was investing countless hours in learning to play guitar, then songs, and then composing original material. It was a symphony of effort and resources, including the financial investment in lessons, instruments, equipment, and studio fees. And forming a band wasn't just luck. Searching for the right members, coordinating practices, and ensuring each member knew their part were all vital components of the success that took a ridiculous amount of time and adjusting, just to get to that one night on stage.

As author and musician Simon S. Tam wisely puts it, "Success in the music industry isn't something that you wait for or hope for. It is something that you create, day after day."

This philosophy extends beyond music to life, career, and business. In personal growth, much like in music, success is a result of deliberate effort, skill refinement, and a strategic mindset. Outsiders don't witness the behind-the-scenes dedication that defines success—whether on stage, in business, or in life. And success isn't a one-time event; it's a continuous journey. That night was the result of years of effort, financial investment, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

To that audience member who made that comment, my question to him would be, "If it's that easy, how come you're not up here playing?"


1. Create a Success Vision Board: Gather images, quotes, and symbols that represent your vision of success. Craft a vision board to serve as a visual reminder of your goals. Place it somewhere prominent to inspire and motivate you daily. Make it your computer's wallpaper!

2. Establish a Daily Goal: Set a specific, achievable goal for today that aligns with your long-term objectives. Whether it's completing a small task, making a positive habit change, or taking a step toward a larger project, accomplishing daily goals reinforces the idea of daily success creation.

3. Invest in Learning: Identify a new skill or area of knowledge related to your personal or professional growth. Allocate time today for learning, whether it's through online courses, articles, or books. Continuous learning is a powerful tool for success.

4. Cultivate a Success Mindset: Take a few moments to engage in positive affirmations and visualize your success. Focus on the mindset that success is a daily choice. Affirmations can help reinforce your belief in your capabilities and align your thoughts with your goals.

5. Evaluate and Adjust: Reflect on your current strategies and actions. Are they contributing to your long-term success? Identify one thing you can adjust or improve upon. Continuous evaluation and adjustment are key components of the ongoing journey toward success.

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