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Drawing from my experiences working in the film, music, and sports industries, I deliver dynamic keynotes, captivating presentations, and impactful workshops that not only drive business growth but inspire lasting personal growth.


Golf Business Symposium


My magnetic stage presence and powerful storytelling, fueled by real-life successes from my work experiences in the film, music, and sports industries, leave audiences equipped to unlock their potential for success. Whether it's driving team collaboration, sparking creativity, or providing businesses with thought-provoking ideas for customer experiences and brand loyalty, I empower individuals with inspiring ideas that unlock hidden talents, leading to both personal and professional breakthroughs.



With a wealth of experience in business development, motivation, and personal growth, I've conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops. Participants benefit from my practical insights, valuable strategies, and engaging delivery, gaining new perspectives and skills to excel in their personal and professional endeavors. Let's connect and explore how my dynamic workshops can inspire transformation in your life and business.

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My virtual events bring the same energy and knowledge as do my in-person events. From webinars to online conferences, I use technology to create engaging and immersive virtual sessions, ensuring active audience involvement through informative content and interactive elements. Let's connect and discuss how I can tailor my expertise to meet your specific virtual event needs.

Ted Eleftheriou


I'm a sought-after personality with a diverse background who worked in the film, music, and sports business.

From delivering dynamic seminars and powerful keynotes to facilitating intimate business development workshops, my events are an engaging blend of entertainment and information. Leveraging my unique journey, I bring a multifaceted approach to help businesses succeed.


Let's connect and explore how my experiences can drive success for you andyour business—because it's not just about the spotlight; it's about the unique perspectives gained behind the scenes where the "Reel2Real Success" happens.

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