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3 Things To Help You with Your Sales Pitch

Three things to help you with your sales pitch:

  1. Start with a strong opening. If you don’t capture your listener’s attention in the first minutes, you’ll likely lose them. People haven't decided if they want to invest time with you yet, so begin with a strong story or surprising statement to capture their attention.

  2. Everything you do matters. Your eye contact, your gestures, your movements, pauses, volume, etc… Be passionate, and bring the full version of yourself. Bring your “like-ability factor.”

  3. Make use of opening loops. An "Opening Loop" is a technique used for raising a question in your listener’s mind. For example, if I say, “In a minute, I’m going to share with you how to lower your golf score... ” The listener will tend to stay more focused because they want to know the answer. Opening and closing loops (providing the answer) is a great way to keep people engaged. Oh... and try lightening your golf grip pressure when swinging the club!

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